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the alphabet dance ecourse

Would you like to dance with your inner-artist?

Want to complete a whole series of paintings? Having trouble finding some inspiration to paint, and to keep painting? Well you are in the right place. The Alphabet Dance is a course that will get you out of your painting rut, open your eyes to the possibilities of completing an entire series of paintings, and the tools to keep on going even after the course ends!

So what exactly does the Alphabet Dance entail?

It’s a 6-week E-course that takes us through the letters A-Z on one subject matter, and in one creative medium. This round’s subject will be Animals and the medium will be Mixed Media on Paper.

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How does this course work?

For the first four days of the course I will guide you through some mixed media techniques, specifically ones that will work best for this round of the course, which will be videos. This will be a mini-bootcamp of how to mix your colors, collage techniques, and what the heck to do with those supplies you received.*

*if you opted to go the un-boxed route, then you will want to refer to the materials list, and if you are missing anything that we go over, feel free to wing it, and go with your gut. Art is amazing that way!

Starting that Friday and then every Monday-Friday for the following five weeks: a post will go up in the virtual classroom and you will receive an email reminder with a photo of an animal to use as a reference, the letter of the day,  and an inspirational prompt. Your job is to create, have fun, and explore this medium in-depth. The best part about the alphabet dance is that by the time you get to letter Z you have really worked with these materials to the point where it becomes second nature. Hopefully this inspires you to keep on going and make art a part of your everyday life.

There will also be a private Facebook group where we can share our progress, struggles, questions, and inspiration. There will also be a private classroom on my website where you will be able to post your letters each day, and we will have an amazing alphabet dance party gallery.

After we have completed our alphabet I will post some inspiration, and tutorials for you on what you can make out of your letters. There are so many fun projects to create with a complete Alphabet. I will share some of my favorites with you!!

At the end of this course I encourage you to photograph the entire collection, or hang them on your wall. It is an amazing feat to have completed 26 consecutive works of art, and also a lot of fun!

What do I get?

There are two versions of this course, but you can get the same out of the course whichever path you decide. Here is an overview of the boxed and unboxed versions…

a-apple collage


A - Aster Watercolor


a albatross - illustration

Registration Now Closed.
The next round will run in Summer 2016!

UnBoxed Alphabet Dance


The Un-Boxed Version Includes:

    • Access to the Alphabet Dance Classroom for an entire year, posts will go up daily
    • Daily emails Monday-Friday with the days post to keep you on track
    • Access to four videos that teach you how to mix paint, use papers in your art, create print transfers, and various mixed media painting techniques.
    • Access to the private Facebook group
    • Access to the alphabet dance gallery where you can show off your work
    • Six weeks with me here to guide you and be your biggest cheerleader because I know how hard daily challenges are!!
    • A surprise thank you gift sent to you!

Boxed Alphabet Dance (No Longer Available)


The Boxed Version Includes:

    • Everything that the Un-Boxed Version includes, and…
    • An Art making kit sent to your home with all the art making supplies needed to make 26 mixed media pieces of art (a $75 value)
      • 4 paint colors (Red, Yellow, Blue, & White)
      • 30 – 5”x7” pieces of eco-friendly watercolor paper
      • 2 paint brushes
      • gel medium
      • assorted papers from my own collection
      • a mixing tray
      • The Alphabet Dance printed workbook
      • surprise bonus gifts

    Kits will ship out January 15th

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone from beginner to advanced who is looking for a little challenge, and wants to create a series of paintings.

January 25th, 2016

The course has two different options, boxed and unboxed.

The boxed version is $149 $89 Early Bird Special Price and includes a kit (a $75 value) that will be mailed to you before the course starts. This kit will include everything you need for the six weeks.

If you would like to still take the course without the kit it will cost $89 $39 Early Bird Special Price.

Both versions include 6 weeks of lessons (M-F) + bonus weekend content, access to our private Facebook group, and me your personal cheerleader keeping you on track. You will be paying for the course through Paypal. Paypal automatically converts currency for you.

Yes, the deadline for signing up is January 18th.

The course is structured in six weekly increments. The first week will contain instructional videos, and inspiration and tips provided by Stacy Kathryn. The following five weeks we will be working on our Letters, there will be a video intro each week as well.

  • paint
  • some brushes
  • papers and other scraps
  • gel medium
  • palette
  • painting surface
  • a computer
  • scanner or camera to capture images of your paintings if you want to share them!
  • email address
  • time to create

If you prefer to not have to go out and find all the supplies on your own, then I recommend signing up for the boxed version!

You will get:

  • A whole ton of inspiration
  • a personal cheerleader (me) for your work
  • a complete series of paintings that is cohesive and consistent
  • 26 Paintings
  • the courage to keep on painting
  • instructional videos on mixed media techniques
  • feedback from me and your peers
  • video demos
You can email me at and i’ll get back to you as quickly as possible!
Until end of the year. So all of 2016.

No refunds. Due to the nature of the course with passwords given at the time of purchase, it is not possible to offer refunds. Thank you for understanding.

z - zinnia - alphabet dance









SK-bio2014-smallAbout Stacy Kathryn

Stacy Kathryn is endlessly fascinated with all things visual, and has a background in graphic design. She is obsessed with getting thoughts and ideas onto paper, making things real and tangible, and loving the entire process along the way. Stacy has taken many art and design classes over the years, and is ready to be the teacher and pass on her joy of learning to you.

Read more about Stacy Kathryn here.

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