I’m Back

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That feeling of being a scatterbrain has managed to creep its way into every aspect of my life lately. The good news is I think I scared it away, and I have finally gotten some things worked out. For example, I hope you noticed that this site is back. It is brand spanking new, and I am in so many ways starting over. The archives of my old blog are here in case you wanted to go back and sort through some of my past posts, a whopping 10 years of posts! I plan on eventually going through it and putting some links to my favorite posts here. For now though this place is wide open, just waiting for the return of some good stories, photographs, and art!

summer highlights

There have been so many upheavals lately in many aspects of my life. To start, I’ve moved 250 miles to the north to rural Wisconsin. I quit my full-time job to make this move, and am now working full-time as an artist and working on this little biz that I am creating here. Ezra is growing like a weed and is already a toddler and no longer a baby! It is crazy how a fast a year goes, and how much changes in that time. Life has been chock full of change lately, but I feel it is finally settling down, and we are settling into our new home, and life! Just in time for winter. Eeep! I look forward to a bit of hibernating this winter, and some long naps!

summer highlights

We are blessed, and I am forever grateful for all the things that have fallen into place over the past year to make this little dream a reality. I can’t wait to share my art, life, and adventures here with you in this space again. It is so good to be back, and thank you so very very much for joining me!

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