Dear 2015

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Looking back on you 2015, you were a year of some major growth for me personally. A big shift in so many areas of my life meant lots of growing pains, frustration, and in the end peace and calm. I’m thankful for all that you showed me this year, the ability to spend so much time outdoors in nature, and a big shift to more creating. This year we made a big move north to Wisconsin, left my full-time job, started working on my business full-time, and got to watch Ezra grow up from a little baby to a full on toddler! This meant very little travel other than the occasional trip back to Chicago, and some local explorations. I’m excited to get travel back in my life, but at the same time I am so happy just staying close to home, soaking up this amazing place I get to live, and enjoying family!


2015 you started out on a slow note, with us being huddled down in full on baby caring mode. As the big move slowly approached life was a bit sidetracked to getting settled in, and the need to find our bearings in our new home. In the midst of it all, I was able to get my business going again, and launched Leipling, re-designed this site, and got my eco-friendly stationery line off the ground. It has been such a blessing to have the space to create again, to spend some uninterrupted hours painting, writing, and focusing on growing this business.


One of my biggest accomplishments this year was getting super focused on what my goals are, and launching my e-course! I can’t wait for class to begin next month. Overall 2015 you were an amazing year, and it is so nice to have some sense of calm restored again in my life, that things are finally settling in a little. To many upheavals in the past have created a constant sense of chaos in my life and as if I was just holding on for the ride. This year though I felt for the first time in a long time like I am the one behind the wheel. I don’t know what next year brings, but I am forever thankful for all the blessings that 2015 brought. They might not have been instantly recognizable but they were there all along under it all just waiting to be uncovered.

2016 here I come, I hope you are a joy-filled year!


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