40 Paintings in 30 Days

Ten years ago I participated in a challenge called 30 Day Artist. It is no longer around, but the idea was that you painted 40 paintings in 30 days. It is actually a real challenge as there are some days where two paintings are needed to make it to the goal. I decided in honor of that October, ten long years ago, I would once again make 40 paintings in 30 days. I’m officially done and I’m happy to say I did it, again!  🙂

These paintings were far smaller, and I worked in mostly acrylic and ink, where ten years ago I mostly worked in oil! That was probably way more challenging and put so much more pressure on than the way I did it this year. I also worked pretty small compared to last time. All my paintings are 3″x5″, and on a thick watercolor paper.

Here are all forty paintings in one place, I kept this challenge on instagram so it is nice to see them all in one place!

forty paintings in thirty days 1 forty paintings in thirty days 2 forty paintings in thirty days 3 forty paintings in thirty days 4

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