The Only Time of Year Bringing a Tree Inside Isn’t Weird

christmas tree 2015I still find it so intriguing to bring a live tree indoors at this time of year. We went out on an adventure this past Saturday looking for the perfect Christmas tree, and the very last place we looked that was closing in less than an hour is where we found it. This is the first real tree we have had in over a decade, and it is also the largest tree I have ever had personally. For the first time ever we have 18 foot ceilings in our great room so we went pretty tall, not all the way to the ceiling, but tall enough! In light of the fact that I just cut down a tree, I will be planting a whole lot of trees in the next year. It is conflicting being eco-friendly, but at the same time wanting to cut down a tree for Christmas, so that is the compromise. Always replace what you take two-fold, and nature will take care of the rest.

I was so inspired by trees, I made this little pattern!

tree pattern

In other news here at Stacy Kathryn, don’t forget that early bird registration for my Alphabet Dance E-course is now open, be sure to sign-up before January 11th and save!

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Also, today is the last day to order anything in the shop and still get it in time for Christmas, get those eco-friendly people in your life some presents today!

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