Animal Spirit Guides

crow animal guide

I’ve always been a big follower of animals as spirit guides. I got into this concept shortly after my brother was killed and crows kept showing up. They still do, I’m pretty sure they are my spirit animal. I think before that it was a dragonfly, but i’m pretty sure that it changes as our lives do. I’m really not sure where this post is going at the moment. I just wanted to share how excited I am about getting Jessica Swift’s Animal Allies oracle card deck. Not only are these sooo pretty, the artwork is just amazing, but there is also an explanation about each animal and its meaning and symbolism.

jessica swift oracle cardsjessica swift oracle cardsjessica swift crow print

I also got a crow print with my deck, and can’t wait to frame it and hang it up in my studio!  These will make some pretty awesome gifts! (this is not an affiliate link, and i’m just posting this because it’s all love) 🙂

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40 Paintings in 30 Days

Ten years ago I participated in a challenge called 30 Day Artist. It is no longer around, but the idea was that you painted 40 paintings in 30 days. It is actually a real challenge as there are some days where two paintings are needed to make it to the goal. I decided in honor of that October, ten long years ago, I would once again make 40 paintings in 30 days. I’m officially done and I’m happy to say I did it, again!  🙂

These paintings were far smaller, and I worked in mostly acrylic and ink, where ten years ago I mostly worked in oil! That was probably way more challenging and put so much more pressure on than the way I did it this year. I also worked pretty small compared to last time. All my paintings are 3″x5″, and on a thick watercolor paper.

Here are all forty paintings in one place, I kept this challenge on instagram so it is nice to see them all in one place!

forty paintings in thirty days 1 forty paintings in thirty days 2 forty paintings in thirty days 3 forty paintings in thirty days 4

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One Big Detour

“Often what may appear as a detour in life, is actually the most direct and empowering path to your destination.” – James Arthur Ray

hopeful with dog

Yes, it has been slightly over a year since I last posted anything around here, and yes, I’m aware no one probably even noticed. It is ok though, blogging is so ten years ago! That doesn’t mean I’m stopping anytime soon, I am just getting back on this wagon and into this space again. I am overwhelmed with all the ideas waiting to get out and into this world. With that said, I’m finally back in a good headspace, and finding my footing in this life as a Mama to two amazing little people! It means i’ve found more time to create the art I love, work on my business, and still have plenty of time leftover to nurture and love my family. The ebb and flow of finding this new normal has been a long and winding detour. I’m technically back to exactly where I left things years ago, but yet completely changed and ready to take things in a new direction.

Speaking of new directions, a little sneak peek at something I am bringing back in  a new and more meaningful way. Hopefuls will be coming back soon!  The Hopeful above I made in 2013, and I can’t wait to bring these little ladies back to life!

What is something you can bring back in a new way in your life?

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Waiting & Working

oh baby sketch

I’ve been patiently waiting for my due date to approach, and starting to wind things down over here in anticipation of those crazy newborn weeks to come. I have a month to go, and I am so ready to meet this new babe. In the meantime i’ve been working on some new art, getting my free desktop wallpapers set for the rest of the year, and spending as much time with Ezra as possible before our family of three expands to four! It has been nice to start wrapping up some projects, and finish some things on my to do list. The plan after this week is to just take it easy, and enjoy these last few weeks before our schedule and routine get thrown out the window.

Expect it to be quiet around here for these last few months of the year, I’m hoping to pop in when I can, but no guarantees. I’ve got some big plans for next year though, and can’t wait to start sharing some of what is unfolding with you! Until next time…take care!


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