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14 09, 2016

Waiting & Working

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oh baby sketch

I’ve been patiently waiting for my due date to approach, and starting to wind things down over here in anticipation of those crazy newborn weeks to come. I have a month to go, and I am so ready to meet this new babe. In the meantime i’ve been working on some new art, getting my free desktop wallpapers set for the rest of the year, and spending as much time with Ezra as possible before our family of three expands to four! It has been nice to start wrapping up some projects, and finish some things on my to do list. The plan after this week is to just take it easy, and enjoy these last few weeks before our schedule and routine get thrown out the window.

Expect it to be quiet around here for these last few months of the year, I’m hoping to pop in when I can, but no guarantees. I’ve got some big plans for next year though, and can’t wait to start sharing some of what is unfolding with you! Until next time…take care!


6 09, 2016

Shop News: Big Sale

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Not sure when I’ll be posting my last blog post of the year around here, but for now I’m wrapping up a few things in the studio. One big thing I’m doing is shutting down my shop for the rest of the year, I’ll be back in January 2017! I am going to focus on the new baby, and just enjoy the holidays this year.

Shop Closes September 23, 2016!

new art prints

To celebrate my birthday a little early, as well as the arrival of a new baby the entire shop is on sale for 40% off, this includes original art too!

24 08, 2016

Nests and Nesting

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There is this robin’s nest outside my son’s bedroom window. Earlier in the summer we watched as a robin built it, laid her eggs, sat on them for hours each day, and eventually they hatched. She diligently fed them, and one morning we noticed how big the birds were, we made breakfast and when we checked back they were all gone. It was a bit sad to not have them around anymore, to check in on, and watch grow. It helps that we definitely see those same robins flying around our house, and it’s good to know that they took flight.

birdAs I prepare for baby number two to arrive in just eight short weeks, I’ve gone into full on nesting mode. I’m finding myself wanting to get as much done, and wrapped up before this baby makes their arrival. It got me thinking about those robins and the nest. To slow down a bit, and just focus on the important things. We have almost everything we need for this baby as it was only two years since my son was born. I know we will buy the things we forgot about after the fact, but there is a big part of me that just wants to be ready.

I’ve also been working on getting things ready for 2017 so that when I’m ready to get back to it that I can just pick up and go. Planning the direction of this website, as well as working on my web & design business.  It’s a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time, but I hope the art making hiatus isn’t that long. I’ll still be around here for a little bit longer, but I do expect to drop off for a few months once my little one arrives.

12 08, 2016

Tools of the Trade

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This month has been off to such a busy start, and shows no signs of slowing down. I’ve been diligently working on the desktop wallpapers for the rest of year, and trying to get back into painting again as well. It is definitely tough when life hits you, and you’re in your third trimester of pregnancy. I’m doing my best to go with the flow (which is my word for this year), and also let things come at a more natural pace. I’ve cleared the last three months of this year from any self-imposed obligations, and I hope to spend as much time with the new little one before diving back in!


As for the title of this post, I just had to share how much I love my new Olfa knife!  It is my new favorite tool on the art table. This past year I’ve taken a little bit of a detour and explored different ways of creating my illustrations. Cutting out certain elements emerged, and then putting them together digitally. It has been so much fun to see the possibilities of creating this way, but I had one big roadblock with my X-Acto knives. The blades just kept coming loose every time I tried to cut, and they would dull just cutting through paper so quickly. I started out on a search for other solutions, found Olfa, and am now happily cutting away! So if you’re like me, or just want to try this technique I definitely recommend splurging on a Olfa. The good thing is they really aren’t all that expensive. Here are just a few elements from the September wallpaper that i’ve been working on.

girl reading book leaves

3 08, 2016

Around Here Lately

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It has been a real struggle to make time for everything lately. Being 29 weeks pregnant and running out of energy on an almost daily basis hasn’t left too much time for art making. I’ve been squeezing it in when I can though. Wish I had more to share here on my blog, but for now i’m going with the flow. I think it is completely reasonable to not expect too much at this time. I’ve been keeping up with my monthly desktop wallpapers, you can get access to them through my mailing list here.


I’ve also been in the studio making art whenever I have some free time. It felt really good to dive back into paints again, and start a new painting. I’ve always been drawn to elephants, and love to add them to my work. Was bummed when I went to the zoo last weekend and they had no elephants!

elephant painting

I’m also playing in my sketchbook a lot lately, and working out some new styles and ways of creating illustrations. I’m looking forward to working on some of my big ideas in 2017, and can’t wait to share what I’ve been thinking up with you! Hoping that getting on a schedule with a toddler and baby won’t be too hard, and that by January I’ll be able to get myself back to the studio slowly but surely!

girl in yellow sketch

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